8 Harmful Ingredients Contained in Skin Makeup and Care

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Makeup and skincare sometimes contain harmful ingredients to get perfect results.

The following 12 dangerous ingredients are sometimes present in makeup and skincare and are sometimes careless to watch out for.

You have to make sure if these 12 hazardous ingredients are not contained in makeup and skincare, because it will have a repressive effect if used in long usage.

You can be more careful when choosing beauty products. Here are some harmful cosmetic ingredients that can affect your health, namely:

1. Mercury

Mercury is often added to eye shadow, facial blushes, and cosmetic powder as preservatives. This ingredient can also be found in skin whitening creams. If absorbed into the body, kidney disease, kidney disease, lung disease, damage to the immune system and digestive tract.

2. BHA

Found in: peels like masks, perfumes

The National Toxicology Program classifies butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA) as a carcinogen in the human body.This can cause skin depigmentation.

In animal studies, BHA produces liver damage and causes gastric cancer such as papilloma and carcinoma and interferes with the development of the normal reproductive system and thyroid hormone levels.The European Union considers it unsafe and often contained in perfume.

3. Phthalates

The chemicals consist of diethylphthalate (DEP), dimethylphthalate (DMP), and dibutylphthalate (DBP). Additional substances in cosmetics are found in paints, shampoos, perfumes, soaps, lotions, and hair sprays. If you are pregnant, it is advisable to be careful when using cosmetics that may contain phthalate. Because, research shows that phthalate can increase the risk of miscarriage and gestational diabetes.

4. Triclosan and triclocarban

Found in: toothpaste, deodorant, antibacterial soap.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) agrees that citriclosan has no health benefits for humans.In 2013, the FDA decided that products containing Triclosan would not be detrimental if used for a long time.

Triclosan found in liquid products and triclocarban in bar soap has been linked to hormonal disorders, bacterial resistance, muscle function disorders, impaired immune function and increased allergies.It is better to use antibacterial and natural antiseptics such as tea tree oil.

5. Polyethylene / PEGs

Found in: scrubs, body wash, makeup, toothpaste.

Exfoliating is made from polyethylene which is used because they are softer on the skin than natural exfoliators.These synthetic chemicals are often contaminated with 1,4-dioxane, considered a carcinogen and contaminated with skin.Polyethylene, as a cause of skin irritation.

The small polyethylene molecules contained in scrubs and bath soaps cannot be decomposed by nature, they can even be polluted for aquatic animals.

6. Hydroquinone

Found on facial lightening products.

The FDA warns that this skin bleaching chemical can cause a skin disease called ochronosis.Illegal imported skin lighters can contain mercury, which can poison adults and children and is very toxic during pregnancy.

7. Oxybenzone

Found in: sunscreen.

Oxybenzone is one of the high-risk chemicals found in sunscreens.He is like the hormone estrogen in the body, changes sperm production in animals and is associated with endometriosis in women.

Studies in laboratory cells and animals show that oxybenzone and its metabolites can disrupt the hormone system.Choose sunscreen with zinc oxide or titanium oxide or avobenzene instead.

8. Petroleum distillates

Found in: mascara.

Cosmetic ingredients extracted from oil can cause dermatitis.Often contaminated with dirt when produced in petroleum refineries that can cause cancer.

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